Thursday, December 4, 2008

intel VT: how to enable

My Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU supports intel VT but it's disabled by default in BIOS.

Currently I'm hardly testing libdodo in different environments. As I'm running IA32 kernel I was testing it in x86 environments. Lately I decided to test it in x86_64 with VMWare. I went to BIOS, turned on VT support, rebooted ... and VMWare player told me that my platform supports VT but it's disabled. What the heck? I checked that the option is enabled in BIOS several times but still couldn't run x86_64 guest OS.

Googling didn't help. Running guest OS under qemu x86_64 simulation was the last option. It's extremely slow.

When I almost gave up I reached a very interesting article.
The author is telling that after the VT option was enabled in BIOS, the processor must be plugged off from the electricity circuit.
I turned off my laptop removed power supply and battery, waited for a few seconds, plugged the stuff back, booted and started VMWare with x86_64 guest. BINGO.

Now I'm able to run x86_64 guests on x86 host.

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